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Time Management

Spa Salon MarketingCaroline Nelson Business Coach and Salon Spa Marketing Guru

Time Management for the Busy Salon Owner

How often do you complain about not having enough time? Do you find you seem to be running the catch up game all day long? You might be even guilty of wishing you could clone yourself many times over. Then welcome to the ranks of the time-poor salon and spa owners. You know the reason most of us try to juggle too many tasks is the fear that we will lose control, won’t be able to pay the bills or have just not taken the time to get organized.

If you drive yourself mad with worry and stress and constantly hit the ‘panic-button’ its time to think about getting some organization into your life. So how can you manage time more efficiently and release the stress of the lack of 25 hour days? I have found that by implementing three simple time management steps you can achieve more improve efficiency and most importantly free up valuable time to “work on your business”. To do the things that will grow the business and improve bottom-line profitability. The three steps are:

1. Prioritize – the To-Do List

The benefits of having a to-do list are countless. The key is not the to-do list itself, but how to develop the habit of getting organized and start managing your team and both your and their time more effectively. The list is an Action Plan of the steps you need to take to achieve results or reach goals. Think about what you want to accomplish in your business over a certain time period – for instance say in the next six months then break it down into bit size pieces. Remember to consider your long term goals and plan detailed projects that will move the business towards these goals.

2. Delegate – to grow and engage your team

Are you one of those salon owners who find it hard to delegate? Then the first thing you need to ask yourself is “are you absolutely the only person who can perform these tasks?” If the answer is “no with some extra training and encouragement others could do these tasks to an acceptable standard.” What are you waiting for – start training. Once others are qualified or can perform this is the perfect opportunity to delegate the task. From experience I have found the following excuses given why owners and managers can’t or won’t delegate. Recognize them for the excuses they are and work to overcome your reluctance. Otherwise you will not have the time to “work on your business’ you will be too busy “working in the business.

3. Learn to Say No – or you may be on the road to BURNOUT!!

While in the early stages of any business we have to put our all into it there will come a time when you need to step back and get balance back into your life. You need high energy levels in the beauty industry and to retain your energy levels self management will be required. Otherwise business and life challenges, family and employees will expect and require too much of us. That’s the time to say no before it impacts on our immune system and increases the risk of burnout. In this business we are always the first ones to tell clients ‘to take time out’ just make sure you take some for yourself – replenish rejuvenate and rebalance your life.

With good time management you will be able to balance your personal and work life reduce stress and improve energy levels. You will also find that you are much more in control of the outcomes in the business. Your team will be energized and motivated by their new skills and responsibilities. And goals and targets will be attainable.

If you start practicing these three steps then you are on the way to reducing your Management Stress.

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