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Salon Spa Staff Team Building Manual

Salon Spa Team Building Manual contains

About the Author


  • Employing Staff to Multiply Your Profits
  • Building Passion into Your Team

Select / Recruit / Induct

  • Induction Guidelines
  • Employee Stress Reduction
  • How Self Limiting Employees Fail to Reach Targets

Developing a $uccessful Team Mix

Staff Training for Productivity & Profit

  • Developing a Cost & Time
  • Effective Program
  • Good Training Methods
  • How to Get Real "Bang" out off your Training Buck

Customer Service Excellence

  • Focus on What Customers Really Want

Staff Appraisal Performance Reviews

Motivate with Effective Goals Recognition & Rewards

Reduce Conflict Management in the Salon Spa

Staff Management Templates & Forms – fully editable

A Happy Employee has Happy Clients

Start Making Your Clients Happy today!!

Who Controls Your Salon?
Is it you or are you being held to ransom by un-cooperative employees…

Protect Your Business & your precious clients from wayward employees who put your profits at risk.
Start building a Happy Productive & Profitable Team Today!!

As an owner or manager you will wear many hats to manage the business. But ask yourself do you honestly have all the necessary management skills & tools? If the answer is "no" or "Maybe" then you have a problem … but your in luck because I have the solution.

The Salon Spa Team Building for Success manual

If you want to operate an efficient and profitable salon or spa you need good staff management to inspire & motivate your team regardless of their individual skills levels & temperament. I am The Expert in these skills and have trained thousands of beauty business owners in my proven methods and techniques. Now I can share my trade secrets with you too.

I'll show you how to build a Professional Team who will proudly promote your Salon or Spa & in no time they will be Selling more Services & Retail

I have created a program you can access directly from your computer & you can have it now. The Salon Spa Team Building for Success manual is easy to use quick to implement and delivers dramatic results.

In minutes you can download this sensational business tool and start to take back control of your business & grow it to its full Profit Potential. Your employees & customers will be thrilled.

Customers Love Coming into Happy Well Run Salons & Spas
Start making More Money Today – Why wait a minute longer

This manual/workbook isn't just theory – it's about practical staff management for salon & spa owners wanting to increase performances & profits. The concepts & ideas outlined have been continually developed and are specific to the Beauty Industry. They have been extensively tested in real beauty business environments. They offer a Staff Development & Management 'blue print' to fast track your business success. You will learn how to train your team to:

Generate Higher Average Sales
Reach & Exceed Sales Targets
Build Client Loyalty to an All Time High


Create the Salon Spa where Employees Love to Work

Have you ever felt like you needed to put your boxing gloves on before going into work? Is a large part of your day spent "fighting fires" when you could be spending the time building your business and making money? Not anymore because the Salon Spa Team Building for Success manual will give you the tools too quickly and easily resolve your staffing challenges and create a happy team keen to offer customers Excellent Caring Service.

NOTE: When customizing your manual you may be required to change certain section to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations federal, state and local, governing professional licensing and business practices. This is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.