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Salon Spa Retailing Made Easy Manual



Selling the Right Product Range/s

Designing Profit Building Strategies for Your Business

Growing Your Beauty Salon or Spa – with Increased Retail Sales

The Traditional Beauty Salon    

The Day Spa

The Medispa    

The Destination Spa    

The Right Team for Your Business Success   

The 9 Most Highly Prized Beauty Employee Attributes    

The Professional Aesthetician    

Increase the Average Retail Sales – despite employee resistance    

How to Meet & Exceed $ales Goals   

The Salon or Spa Retail Layout    

Impulse Buying    

Product Displays    

Low-Cost Ways to Upgrade Your Retail Department    

The Retail Success Wheel Method    

The Next Step-Up Consultation/ Analysis    

The Tools    

Understanding Customer Behaviours – increases $ales    

Customer Personality Types    

The NBBM Salon Spa Management Checklist    

Communication is the Heart & Soul  of $elling    

The WOW Experience    

EVEolution Buying Trends    

Is Your Salon or Spa Metrosexual Friendly    

Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Start Making $ALES    

Retailing Scripts that $ELL    

The $ALES Funnel

Staff Incentives & Rewards

$ALES Targets

Goal Setting Plan

Make Your Retail Potential a Reality Today!!

Have ever lost retail sales because your employees do not possess the skills to convert customers to your product brands? Have you ever lost retail sales because your employees lack confidence or motivation to make the sale?

If you answered "YES" to either or both of these questions then you need my Salon Spa Retailing Made Easy manual

Don’t delay because every day your team is not Retail Ready hundreds if not thousands of dollars are simply walking right out your salon or spa doors.

If you want your team Turbo-Charged to start Recommending Prescribing Selling Skincare & Makeup you need this manual.

Whether you are a solo operator or employ staff you need to know the Key Buying Motivators that will increase customer visits and Profit Rich each sale. Learning how to implement The Key Buying Motivators will be the quickest surest way to increase salon spa profits.

In this manual I will teach you my proven techniques in the art of "leading potential customers down the path towards purchase". You will learn the ways to get each customer to visit more often and spend more at each visit. You will also learn how to understand the customers real Needs, Wants and Desires and how you can tap into what makes your customers tick and which buttons to press that will seal the sale.

Learn my Secrets to:

  • Increase Average Sale Per Customer
  • Up-Sell and Up-Grade Each Sales Transaction
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Create an Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Develop New Income Streams
  • Make Every Client into a "Raving Fan"

If you are truly interested in developing a team of professional aestheticians to drive up each sale value and start building a more profitable business then you have to stop procrastinating and learn the techniques of Salon Spa Retailing Made Easy.

My methods are designed to create a successful sales performance structure so your team can increase productivity and maximize every single sales transaction. They will learn how to deliver a more effective consultation and analysis that will support their customer relationships and ensure they are meeting all of the clients skincare needs.

They will learn how to build a rapport and develop a strong connection with their clients that will ensure customer loyalty and repeat business.

This manual will cure your staff of the dreaded "I'm an aesthetician/ therapist not a sales person" quick smart and have them LOVING to Sell to their clients. You will never need to utter the words "I've tried everything and I just don’t know how to motivate my staff to sell retail" again.

In one sale you will pay for this invaluable Retailing Tool and every sale there after will be money in the bank!!

Caroline Nelson
NOTE: When customizing your manual you may be required to change certain section to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations federal, state and local, governing professional licensing and business practices. This is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.