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November 2009

Spa Salon MarketingCaroline Nelson Business Coach and Salon Spa Marketing Guru

Look forward to new blogs on Achieving Excellence, the Christmas Rush and the Salon or Spa Train

Is Everyone on Board the Salon or Spa Train? What makes the difference between an average salon and a great salon? Employees who actively and enthusiastically engage in delivering the salons or spas unique brand promise - day in and day out. But do they really know what that promise is? The unique brand promise is neatly wrapped up in the Business Vision and Mission Statement. Does your business have one and if so is your team commitment to it. This is why I asked the question “Is everyone on... (read more)
Survive the Christmas Rush Every salon or spa owner knows that while Christmas can be a very profitable period it is also the time when management and employees can suffer “burn-out”. At this hectic time of the year the entire team will most probably need to work harder longer hours, with less recovery time. So what are some of the ways you can look after your team and that you they and the business survives and thrives during the Christmas rush? In this article I am going to share some ti... (read more)
Achieving Excellence –in Salon Spa Customer Service A wise friend and colleague said to me over 25 years ago: "Your client expects more from you today than she did yesterday. So, you’d better finds ways to constantly improve and keep her excited and eager to return Because if you don’t someone else will…." To keep ahead of the game requires being constantly on the look out for new and innovative treatments; techniques; treatment room set-ups; products; product presentation displays e... (read more)

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