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December 2009

Spa Salon MarketingCaroline Nelson Business Coach and Salon Spa Marketing Guru

New blogs for December.

Aggressive Salon Spa Marketing for Building Profit To gain a competitive edge and to have customers coming back again and again needs more than just great service. In today's highly competitive marketplace many owners now realize that aggressive marketing is the blueprint for building a profitable salon or spa business. And this can be achieved in a relatively low-cost way if you are prepared to put the time and effort in. Fortunately in the beauty industry we have access to substantial databa... (read more)
Want to Sell More Skincare Products?? Then do what the Big Guns do… Ever wondered why you don’t sell more skincare in your salon or spa? Well from my experience I find that most salon and spa owners spend the major part of their efforts and marketing dollars building and promoting the treatment or service side of their business. And forget that a balanced beauty business’s revenue should be part treatment part retail sales. In fact a good balance would be somewhere like 60% treatment... (read more)

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