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April 2010

Spa Salon MarketingCaroline Nelson Business Coach and Salon Spa Marketing Guru

New Blogs for April
Are You Really Treating Your Salon or Spa Clients Skin … Needs, Wants and Desires? In fact do you really know what their skin care needs, wants and desires are? Or has your business just become a relaxation centre? One of the biggest problems the beauty industry suffers from began with the advent of the spa concept. When we the beauty therapist became as relaxed as our clients. Relaxation became the prime importance and treatment results and solutions took a back seat. Now don’t get me wr... (read more)
I decided to do something a little different in this article. It’s the Q & A discussion. Q. What are some general points a salon manager or owner should keep in mind when building her business’s team A. If one of our biggest assets is our support team, then careful consideration must be taken in the selection process. Select slowly and hire carefully. It is important that all new team members feel their own passion for the business. So at the first interview share the Vision, Mission ... (read more)

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