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Hair Beauty Nail Salon Policies Procedures and Systems Manual


  • Nelson Beauty Business Management’s “10 Point Business Strength / Health Check List”
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Plan
  • Your Unique Business Culture
  • The Future Vision
  • The Mission Statement
  • The Business Image
  • Why do we need to provide Procedures & Systems
  • Exceptional Client Care is the Key to Success
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Apprentice Recruitment & Selection


  • New Inductions
  • Basic Organization of Business
  • Job Induction Training
  • Sales Training
  • Customer/Client Service Training
  • Job Description/Job Offer
  • Retention Recognition Incentives Target Bonus Reward
  • New Employee Induction Checklist
  • Employee Training Register
  • Resignations
  • Terminations
  • Employee Support System
  • Working Roster
  • Team Meetings
  • Team Training Schedule
  • Performance Appraisals



  • Salon Operations & Requirements
  • Outline of Salon Staff Procedures & $ystems
  • Manual
  • Vision & Philosophy
  • Mission Statement
  • Who’s Who – names, roles, responsibilities
  • Conditions of Employment
  • Facility Layout & Amenities
  • Emergency Procedures, Fire Drill, First Aid


  • People Skills
  • The Welcome / Greeting
  • Good Service
  • Staff Presentation
  • Telephone Procedures
  • Arrivals Client / Staff
  • Thank You’s
  • Preferred Parking
  • Service Times
  • Re-booking
  • Rescheduling
  • What are the losses if you don’t re-book
  • Conquering Client Complaints
  • Referrals


  • Maintaining The Salon Image
  • Housekeeping
  • Working as a Team
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Sterilization Procedures
  • Health and Safety Guide for Beauty Industry
  • Salon Opening Procedure
  • Salon Closing Procedure


  • Reception/Administration
  • Marketing
  • Mechanizing/Displays
  • Supplies & Stationery
  • Inventory Control
  • Suppliers Details


  • Service Menu
  • Consultation / Diagnosis
  • Workstation Se-ups
  • Service Procedures
  • Product Knowledge
  • Technology
  • Team Meetings
  • Team Training Schedule
  • Equipment Care
  • Incentive Bonus Reward Plan
  • Performance Review


  • The Client Focused Retail
  • Retailing & Sales Builders
  • Product Knowledge
  • Gift Certificate Sales


  • Customer Service Policy
  • The Ten Golden Rules of Exceptional Customer Service
  • Understanding Customer Behavior
  • Resources templates
How to get Your Team MORE Productive & Making MORE MONEY Increase PROFITS by Streamlining SYSTEMS
Protect Your Salon with a Comprehensive
Hair Beauty Nail Salon
Policies Procedures Systems Manual

This manual is fully editable and has been purpose designed for salons and day spas to enable your employees to maintain your hair salon excellence of customer service. It will enable you to set into place your fully employee expectations. The Hair Beauty Nail Salon Policies Procedures & Systems manual will communicate to your entire team company standards and the exact way you want your business to be presented to the public. It will get all new hires “up to speed” and easily and quickly settled in and knowing precisely how things are done to your high standards in your Salon or Spa.

If you value your Customers you can’t afford not to provide your team with your salon or spas “blue-print” of Customer Service Excellence. Quality can only ever be assured when your Hair Salon implements a Policies Procedures & Systems manual.

Have you ever considered formulating your own salon or day spa's operating manuals, and given up because you are so timepoor? Then here is your answer. Caroline Nelson has used the expertise gained over 38 successful years in the beauty industry to save you the hard work time and effort, all you do is customize the manual to suit your own facility and personalize to your own requirements.

This comprehensive manual contains over 200 pages of policies, procedures and the systems that have taken Caroline 1,000's of dedicated hours to design. The manual is an invaluable business tool for salon spa owners and manager’s who are looking to raise their employee standards, improve customer service and grow profits. All you need to do is customize to suit your own salon. And in a few hours time instead of the weeks and months it would take you to do on your own … And hey presto you have your own salon or spa bible. Now you have your own customized Hair Beauty Nail Salon Policies Procedures & Systems manual …too easy….

Managing and operating a salon is not an easy task, particularly if it’s a full service salon. As an owner or manager you are often expected to be a “Jack-of-all-trades”. Your team could be made up of professional hairdressers, apprentices, beauty therapists, nail technicians and make-up artists, all holding a variety of qualifications and skills. For the business to operate efficiently and profitably you will need a Salon Staff manual to suit all their requirements. This simple to use, fully editable program has been designed enabling you to customize to suit the full service salon.

In any small business such as a hair salon, the position carries many responsibilities it requires skills on many levels operational, financial and people management. The better each of these areas is managed the more successful the business will be. This program will relieve some of your management stresses by making your business operate at a consistent level offering your clients the security and certainty of “exceptional service” from the entire team. You will also have the legal security that all employees have received Quality Assured Induction Training and have formally Signed Off on the training process. This is very important in the case of any possible future insurance claims.

International Beauty Expert Caroline Nelson and Beauty Industry Systems Consultant Veronica Stubbs of Nelson Beauty Business Management have created this program in the firm belief that every business owner can benefit from the support of a strong team. This program provides you with the operational procedures beauty business owners need to increase efficiency and sustainable profitability. It is a fully editable so that you can customize to best suit your individual business.

Caroline Nelson has the experience and qualifications of over thirty five successful years ‘at the coal face of the beauty industry’ as an international lecturer, author, salon/spa owner and college principal. With a family hair and beauty tradition dating from 1932, her commitment, dedication and passion to see you succeed are supported by her industry knowledge and beauty industry street-smarts. Veronica Stubbs with over eighteen years as a therapist, educator salon/spa manager and events manager has developed in-salon training systems designed to ‘increase your business’s profits’.

This manual/workbook is not about theory – it’s about practical management for salon owners. The concepts and ideas outlined here have been continually developed over many years and are specifically for the Hair and Beauty Industry, and have been extensively tested in real salon environments. They offer a Business Development ‘blue print’ to fast track your business success.

Creating Your Business’s Manuals

Before you commence customizing your manuals you should be armed with all the facts. The complete picture of how your business is operating at this very moment. The best way to find this out is to complete the 10 Point Beauty Business Strength / Health Check Needs Analysis. This is a business diagnostic tool which is a reality check as to where and how things currently operate. It will highlight all the business strengths, but also any areas of weakness. On the worksheet page list strengths – and ideas on how they can be capitalized and the weaknesses and ways they can be reduced, corrected or eliminated.

Following is the Goal Setting Section and the future “Vision”. Once you have completed this section, list all the actions that need to be implemented to bring your “Vision” into reality. This “Action List” along with your business and personal goals will become the Business “Blue-Print” the plan and direction of the Future Vision.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to complete these sections before you start creating your manuals. It’s a time well invested in your future success. Management of any business is much more than just opening the doors each day and delegating duties for employees. You must determine the short and long term goals before you can formulate a clear idea of what is to be achieved. Areas highlighted and bracketed in (red) will need to be customized, and on occasion where “employee” does not suit you may want to use the job description title of the employee.

Caroline Nelson
NOTE: When customizing your manual you may be required to change certain section to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations federal, state and local, governing professional licensing and business practices. This is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.